Welcome To Heel Boy Heel

My name is Val Wilson, and I’m the creator of  Heel Boy Heel, an independent online magazine dedicated to bringing you the best in guides and product reviews for dog owners.

I’m a a dog owner and lover of animals of all shapes and sizes. I live in the beautiful countryside in Northern Ireland, so have lots of space for animals. As well as 3 dogs, we also have a 3 cats, a pony, and a goat!  That’s me with some dogs we were looking after for a friend 🙂

I’ve been working online since 2008, but always wanted to create a site about something that I am genuinely passionate about, and Heel Boy Heel is that site.

My aim is to make this a site where you can get all sorts of helpful articles and tips about looking after your dog. Everything from grooming, diet, exercise, playing, dog behaviour, dog training tips….. and lots from.

I’m here to help and we love receiving feedback and hearing all about your stories. And if there is anything you’d like me to write about on Heel Boy Heel, please do get in touch – you can contact me at val@heelboyheel.com

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