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Best Dog Beds

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell

Is it time for a new dog bed? If you’re beginning your search, or you’ve been searching for a while, you’re in the right place!

Your dog deserves to be comfortable; however, finding the right bed for a large dog can prove to be difficult. Maybe your dog is older and suffers from chronic conditions that lead to aching joints and fatigue.

We’ve picked five of the best dog beds in 2019 to find the highest-quality and coziest beds to accommodate dogs of all sizes. We’ve based our decision on factors such as the quality of materials, budget, size, orthopedic support and ease of cleaning.

Don’t forget that choosing the right bed is important for your dog’s comfort and health.

Our Reviews

Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

This cozy and flexible puppy bed supports better sleep thanks to its high-quality super-soft filling and donut cuddler shape. The raised rim creates a sense of security by providing head and neck support while the filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

The deep crevices allow your pet to burrow for a full, restful for improved health and behavior.

The bed is made from a cozy and comfortable shag fur and durable nylon for practicality. The bottom is finished with a water and dirt resistant material to little accidents from reaching your floor.

Additionally, the bed is zippered with a fully removable shell which is washing machine and dryer safe, minimizing pet odors and excess hair.


  • Zippered for convenience
  • Water and dirt resistant backing
  • Machine washable
  • Luxurious faux fur
  • Provides head and neck support


  • Not enough stuffing for larger dogs

PetFusion Jumbo Dog Bed

This orthopedic memory foam jumbo dog bed provides superior comfort and helps to reduce joint pain and improve health, mobility, and energy. This calming bed is perfect for dogs who suffer from anxiety.

Pet Fusion’s sleek design is available in the colors sandstone or slate gray which will undoubtedly blend in seamlessly with your décor. The base and bolsters provide optimal support and comfort and the removable covers are water and tear-resistant. Plus, the cover is easy to spot clean and remove hair.

This bed is perfect for larger dogs and can easily hold upwards of 200lb. The generously filled outer bolster provides support and opportunity for nestling. The pillow is enclosed in a removable and washable cover.



  • Water resistant
  • Supportive memory foam
  • Removable cover
  • Head & neck support
  • Perfect for dogs with anxiety
  • Suitable for larger dogs


  • Not budget friendly

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you’re looking for something with extra support for your dog, this premium memory foam bed is the first place you should be looking.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for if your dog has just had surgery, or is just an old hound with arthritis, sore joints or lameness

At a slightly higher cost than some others on the market, the quality definitely matches the price tag.

If you have a puppy prone to joint conditions, this bed is a brilliant way to ensure your dog’s joints remain mobile right until their golden years. This will improve their quality of life, keeping your dog healthier and happier for longer.

The heat-sensitive mattress will support your dog’s skeletal system while correcting alignment and protecting the more delicate joints.

The mattress consists of a solid 2-inch premium grade, high-density memory foam cushioning on top of a 4-inch base made of high stability premium support foam.

It’s never fun cleaning up dog mess, but this easy-clean cover is easy to vacuum and wipe clean. The company hopes you’ll have this bed for a long time, so provide reduced-price replacement covers when needed.


  • Fits the biggest breeds comfortably
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Super soft and comfortable


  • Not budget-friendly

BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

The BanksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs up to 100lbs.

This bed is crafted with top-notch workmanship using premium materials to provide the ultimate sleeping experience with superior overall comfort. This bed is perfect for dogs of all ages, especially older dogs with joint, bone or arthritic problems.

The solid orthopedic foam base provides the optimal balance of comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health and mobility.  The comfortable cotton-padded rim cushions instantly contours to your pet’s neck to provide constant support and decompression for ailing necks and heads.

The sleek quilted design will make a beautiful addition to your home decor.


  • Ideal for medium to large dogs
  • Sleek quilted design
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • High-quality human-grade orthopaedic foam
  • Machine washable cover
  • Budget friendly


  • The bolster could do with a little more stuffing

JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

Considering its premium quality, you could expect to pay a high price for the JOYELF’s orthopedic memory foam dog bed. Amazingly, this comfortable and cute dog bed won’t require you to break the bank!

Although the JOYELF is one of the best-selling and loved orthopedic dog beds on the market, it never cuts corners on its material quality and construction. The bolstered sides are comfy and plush white the rest of the sleeping area is super-soft and extra comfortable that allows your dog to rest their aching body.

The front access is nice and low which allows dogs suffering from arthritis and mobility issues to climb easily in and out of the orthopedic dog bed.



  • Joint relief and extra comfy
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Machine-washable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Chic design
  • Squeaker toy included
  • Perfect for senior dogs


  • The smell of the foam is a little strong upon arrival

How to Choose the Best Dog Beds

There are some essential features to consider, especially if you’re buying for a large or senior dog. Here’s a list of what to consider before making your choice.

High-quality Foam;

Your dog’s bed should be robust enough to support your dog’s weight and relieve the pressure from their bones and joints while they rest. You should look for a supportive, dense, and human-grade orthopedic foam rather than a low-loft fiber filling or shredded fabrics that are more likely to flatten your dog’s weight. If you have a larger dog, seek a bed with a thick and firm base to support their weight. Flimsy pads won’t suffice for big dogs.

Water-Resistant Materials

Orthopedic memory foam is a fantastic choice for aging dogs but you should also consider water-resistant materials if your dog experiences bladder leakages. You will need a dog bed with a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. Whether your dog has long or short hair, is old or young, suffers from a leaky bladder or accident-free, your dog will get smelly over time. Easy cleaning is key!

Durable Materials

If your dog is a chewer, look for a bed made from durable materials such as canvas or heavy nylon which will be resistant to your dog’s best shredding efforts. Durability is an important consideration for dogs who tend to dig and scratch before lying down.


The dog bed you choose should have enough sleeping space to rest comfortably without legs and feet handing over the side. The best dog beds for large dogs such as Great Dane or Mastiff will allow them to fit on the bed with room for any kicks or jerks during sleep. It’s a good idea to measure the space your dog normally sleeps in and narrow your search down to the beds that meet your criteria.

Mattress or Bolster?

Consider your dog’s sleeping habits and personality traits. Does your dog like to curl up in small, confined places? If so, purchase a bed with bolsters on the side to provide the desired, confined space. If you have an anxious dog, they’ll enjoy the added privacy and feeling of security provided by a bolster dog bed. Alternatively, if you have a dog that likes to stretch, a mattress-style bed is a better choice.

Non-slip Surface

Will you be placing your new dog bed in a room with wood or tile flooring? Choose a dog bed with a non-slip bottom to save you from having to push the bed back into its proper location. Fabric surfaces on hard floors result in the bed migrating across the room during a dog’s active slumber.


If you’re keeping your new dog bed in the living room, you won’t want a dog bed that will clash with your decor. Luckily, dog beds come in a variety of colors, some even have pattern choices! Most come in neutral shades to complement virtually any decor.

Eco-friendly Materials

Health concerns must be an important consideration when it comes to foam. If you’re an eco-friendly pet-owner, consider a dog bed constructed of recycled materials.

All dog parents should choose a dog bed that’s constructed of CertiPURUS(R) Certified foam. This foam is free of mercury, lead, heavy metals, flame retardants and other materials and substances that could be harmful to your pet’s health.

How Do I Get My Dog to Like His New Bed?

Familiar scents are calming to dogs. Place a t-shirt that smells like you on or next to the bed. Alternatively, place their favorite blanket on or next to the bed. The blanket will smell like them which will feel more like their own territory.

Alternatively, encourage your dog to grow fond of the bed by making it fun. Offer treats as a reward when they use their new bed and try placing a few of their favorite toys nearby.

What Is a Good Fabric For a Dog Bed?

Heavy-duty nylon canvas fabrics are a fantastic choice for destructive tendencies. If your dog likes to shred their toys and blankets, it’s highly likely that they’ll also enjoy shredding their beds.

Microfiber, fleece, denim and faux suede are also excellent choices for dog bed fabrics. Consider your dog’s allergies- if they have any. If your dog has a long, thick fur, opt for a cooler fabric. If you’re using your bed outdoors, make sure that it’s water-resistant and resistant mold and mildew.

Always remember to choose a bed with fabrics that are washable.


By now, you will have the information you need to sift through the best dog beds on the market.

It’s difficult to pick one dog bed as our overall winner considering the different necessities depending on your dog’s requirements.

The best Orthopedic bed for seniors and post-surgery pets is The Dog’s Orthopedic Dog Bed. This bed is available in sizes S-XXXL and improves quality of life, encouraging an active lifestyle for longer.

The best bed for snugglers is the Best Friends by Sheri Dog Beds. The cozy and flexible support bed is fantastic quality with a soft filling in a donut cuddler shape. The raised rim provides fantastic neck support while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

Another fantastic option is the PetFusion Jumbo Dog Bed which is a calming option for dogs who suffer from anxiety. The generously gilled bolster provides optimal support and comfort. Also, the covers are removable and water-resistant.

What do you think of our picks? Don’t forget to share this post and leave a comment telling us which bed you is your favorite!

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