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Best Dog Leash for Pulling

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell

In this article, we’re going to inform you about what the best dog leash for pulling is.

When taking your dog for a walk, are you walking him or is he walking you?

If you’re like me, you’ve had the “pleasure” of being walked by a dog before.

When a dog leads you, many problems can happen. Such as going into the street or perhaps being overly boisterous with others, which can be dangerous for your dog.

Not to mention, the risk for owners who could possibly end up with skinned knees.

To help combat your dog pulling on the lead, we’ll give you our opinion on some of the best leashes we’ve come across – designed just for dogs that pull.

As well as some tips on how to choose the best one for your pooch.

Our Reviews

The Downtown Pet Supply Training Dog Lead

The Downtown Pet Supply Training Dog Lead ranges from 15ft to 100ft, giving your dog freedom and allowing learning to be fun.

Downtown claim that they have created a webbed and heavy-duty lead that is strong enough to control even the largest dog.

In addition to this, the swivel-style bolt snap is twist-resistant and reliable.

Not only is this a fantastic leash for training, but it’s also great for hiking and trips to the river.

This lead is excellent for teaching your dog obedience skills and recalls; however, this training lead is not for use without supervision.



  • Gives your pet freedom to move
  • Great for command training at various distances
  • Available in a variety of lengths and colors
  • Inexpensive price


  • Not good for situations needing greater control
  • Not for use without supervision

The OneTigris Training Bungee Dog Leash

The OneTigris Training Bungee Dog Leash is made from heavy-duty nylon that’s capable of supporting medium to large dogs. Lightweight yet strong and durable, this leash comes with a metallic mountaineering buckle that allows its user to make adjustments to length.

It also boasts dual handles; perfect for that extra control, should you ever find yourself in a tricky situation.

The bungee action allows the leash to extend from 33.5 to 46.5 inches for additional range and to also reduce the impact of jerks and sudden movement. The elasticity in the bungee design prevents choking and allows the dog to explore.

The leash has a padded control loop for bringing your hound close in crowded areas or anytime you want to make sure they stay right by your side.


  • Heavy-duty nylon leash is lightweight, strong and durable
  • Large metal bull clip provides maximum strength and security
  • Reflective stitching down the entire length and on both sides of the leash provides additional safety and visibility at night
  • Bungee action allows for increased range, and it reduces the impact of sudden movement on both your arm and your dog’s neck
  • The soft EVA-padded control loop is comfortable in your hand
  • Suited for hiking or just walking around the neighborhood
  • Bargain price


  • Not suitable for small dogs
  • Not suitable for training

The EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

Self-proclaimed as “The Best” The EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash lives up to expectations according to customer reviews.

EzyDog developed Zero Shock™ Technology by using a highly sprung bungee system to reduce strain caused to owners by sudden jerks and leash pulling.

The Neoprene lined loop handle has a reflective trim finish, making it perfect for night-time safety.

The leash is made of soft Neoprene on the outer handle to make it comfortable to grip – and waterproof. It even includes a handy D-ring to carry keys, poop bags, or small treats.

Durable and easy to use, The EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash is suitable for behavioral training and daily use.




  • EzyDog's patented Zero Shock Technology reduces arm strain
  • Soft neoprene outer handle is waterproof and comfy
  • Comes in variety of colors and patterns and available
  • 48" leash has an extra optional traffic control handle


  • Premium price point - not budget friendly

The Mendota Products Trainer Check Cord Dog Lead

More than just a long leash, The Mendota Products Trainer Check Cord Dog Lead is a trusted product that’s chosen by professionals for training.

The sturdy braided polypropylene check cord is perfect for hunting situations and command training. Due to its construction,  it’s less likely to snap or tangle and is gentle in hand.

The UV colorfast roping will float in water, and the anti-corrosive brass swivel snap compliments the tan leather detailing.

The versatile leash is bright and identifiable to other owners with reactive dogs.


  • Allows you to gradually give your dog more space while maintaining control
  • Available in 30’ or 50’ lengths
  • Made from a waterproof, long lasting and multi-filament polypropylene rope
  • It’s gentle on hands
  • UV coated to protect against decay and fading
  • Machine washable
  • Handmade in the USA


  • Too large for a dog under 10lbs
  • May not be suitable for dogs that chew on their leash

Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash, Black

Perfect for behavioral training and active-dog owners, the Training Bungee Reflective Dog Leash, Black is excellent for dogs that like to pull, jump, and hop.

This leash contains shock-absorbing technology that stretches from 33.5 to 46.5 inches, providing your dog with a little additional freedom while absorbing sudden jolts during walks.

Additionally, the easy-grip plastic handle near the collar provides the necessary close control when required.

Crucial for owners that walk their dogs in areas of restricted light, the Hi-Viz piping on the lead keeps you and your dog safe on twilight or night time strolls.



  • Perfect for training
  • The 1” wide collar with large metal bull clip provides maximum strength and security
  • Reflective stitching down the entire length and on both sides of the leash provides additional safety and visibility at night
  • D-Ring near the handle for accessories like torches and treat bags
  • The soft EVA-padded control loop is comfortable in your hand


  • Too heavy for small dogs
  • Not a budget pick

A Buying Guide for Finding the Best Dog Leash for Pulling

There are many options when choosing a leash for your furry friend.

So much so, there is a dizzying array of lengths, materials, styles, and even different functions for leashes to choose from.

This makes choosing the best leash for you and your particular dog all the more difficult.

However, if you have a dog that pulls, you will need to be extra selective.

Many dog owners have experienced their dog pulling. Choosing the right leash for this type of problem can often make a world of difference.

Let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind when choosing a dog leash and dog collar for a puppy that pulls.

Why does your dog pull?

So, there are multiple reasons dogs pull. Often it is because they haven’t received adequate leash training, not correcting your dog’s behaviour whilst they are young can result in a large, very powerful pulling machine.

A second reason for a dog pulling can be due to lack of exercise. A dog that is not regularly or sufficiently exercised will have a lot of pent up energy, this can result in them being over enthusiastic when they do go for walks.

The third reason for pulling can be a result of direct over stimulation. If your dog has not been properly socialised and walked, when they do go for a wander the smells, sounds and presence of other dogs, people and cars will overstimulate them and cause them to pull.

For most dogs, these problems can be easily remedied with a bit of patience and a lot of consistency as well as a good dog leash.

How to Train Your Dog to Not Pull

If you need to learn how to leash train your dog then take a look at our leash training guide.

The Pros of Having a Good Leash for a Dog That Pulls

Like anything else you purchase for your dog, you want to get the best.

Getting a good leash has lots of benefits. For starters, many cities have leash laws.

This means that whenever your dog is not in your house, fenced yard, or kennel – he or she is required by law to be on a leash. So training your dog to walk correctly on a leash essential.

Not to mention, a requirement to pass the Canine Good Citizenship test.

Making sure you have a leash fit for purpose will lower the chance of lead breakage. Leashing that a designed for dogs that pull also have shock absorbing technology which reduces the impact of sudden jerks.

Types of Dog Leashes

To make the best choice for your pup, you need to know which types of leashes there are.

A variety of leashes can be beneficial for dogs that pull. However, as with all things, some are better than others.

A few of the leash options to choose from include:

  • Adjustable: These beneficial leashes can be very short or very long. The pros to this type of leash is that you can make them shorter for added control when you need to, or longer if more freedom is desired.
  • Fixed Length: A fixed length is not adjustable and will always be the same length no matter what.
  • Retractable: It’s beneficial because you can give your dog room when appropriate, then reel them back in when you need to.

Leash Length

The length of leash that you choose will depend upon the size of your dog, how much control you need and the style of leash training style you are using.

When you initially start training your dog we recommend a 3-5ft leash to begin with to not cover complicate the training and to keep your hands free from bundles of rope.

We don’t recommend retractable leashes for heavy pullers as they are prone to snapping.

Long leashes are recommended when teaching your dog distance control and off-leash training. When your dog behaves well you can release more of the leash and give them a run around whilst still being in full control, if the dog pulls, you then shorten the leash and resume basic leash training.

Leash Width

In addition to length, it is also important to consider the width – especially when you are looking for a leash for a dog that pulls. The width of a lead boils down to a simple rule-of-thumb: generally thicker is better.

When a leash is thicker, usually it is stronger. This means the leash is less likely to break as it distributes the pulling power.

Leash material

There are three primary materials used in leashes.

  • Nylon: This is one of the cheapest materials around. Comparatively, it is weaker than the other materials listed. However, most nylon leashes are rather durable. If you are looking for the best leashes for dogs who pull, nylon makes an excellent choice without worrying that they will break. Unless of course, the leash is very thin (remember wider is better) or poorly made.
  • Leather: Leather is a very common leash material when it comes to finding the best dog leash for pulling. Leather leashes are very stylish and are stronger than nylon.
  • Chain: Lastly, a combination of leather and chain which are very strong. But these do not provide the right flexibility for training your dog.

The Bottom Line: Which One Should You Choose?

Mostly, leashes are a great way to keep your dog under control. And getting a leash specifically for a dog that pulls, will allow you to train your dog and curb pulling behaviour.


Of the five products reviewed, for me, the OneTigris Training black bungee reflective dog leash, was the best price, with the best value – for dogs that pull.

It is heavy-duty nylon yet lightweight, strong, and durable. The width was good, too, making it strong.

I especially liked the reflective stitching down the entire length and on both sides of the leash. As in the summer, I prefer to walk my dog after dark to avoid the heat of the day.

The Bungee action reduces the impact of sudden movement when your dog does pull. We believe all products reviewed are fit for dogs that pull.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this article, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think is the best dog leash for pulling is.

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