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Best Dog Whistle

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell

If you’ve clicked on this article, that can only mean one thing…your in the market for a new dog whistle, but not just any whistle, you’re looking for the best dog whistle.

As luck would have it, Heel Boy Heel has reviewed 5 of the best! Making the decision of what dog whistle to buy that little bit easier.

Introduction:  Best Dog Whistles

One of the most well known and used pieces of equipment when it comes to dog training is the dog whistle.

Some owners love them, others not so much, but there’s no denying when it comes to training your new puppy or adult dog, a dog whistle can sometimes be the difference between success and failure in terms of how well your dog will listen to your every command.

Let’s be honest, that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve when we think of “dog training” an obedient, trusted family pet.

In this round-up review and brief guide, we’ll talk about some of the features you need to look for when searching for the best dog whistle, as well as a little history surrounding the topic.

Our Reviews

Nicekrud Professional Dog Whistle

Is it possible to find a professional dog whistle at an extremely affordable price? Absolutely! In the Nicekrud dog whistle, we’ve done just that.

Cheaper than even the Renzchu, the Nicekrud dog whistle offers the everyday dog owner another fantastic option in the increasingly crowded dog whistle market.

Constructed from stainless steel and plastic housing, and with a free lanyard included, the Nicekrud dog whistle really does offer you more for your money.

Lightweight and small enough for easy transportation, this whistle is ideal for most dog walkers of varying levels.

With an adjustable frequency, the Nicekrud whistle can be used for stop, recall, barking and to keep any unwanted dogs from straying too close to your family pet.

Dimensions of the Nicekrud are:

Length – 8.2cm/3.2 inches
Weight – 25g/ 0.055lbs


  • Excellent Price
  • Above average build quality
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Free lanyard


  • Review ratings are misleading on some sites

Renzchu Dog Whistle

First on our list is the Renzchu dog whistle, consistently rated 5 stars and priced extremely well, this well constructed adjustable dog whistle seems to tick most dog owners boxes.

Portability wise the Renzchu ultrasonic dog whistle is excellent, weighing in at just 0.036lb (16.2g) which means it’s lightweight enough for most dog owners to handle and carry, but sturdy enough to still keep that quality feel about it. Renzchu have even included a free lanyard, so carrying your dog whistle on those long walks should be a breeze.

The Renzchu dog whistle is made from a mixture of plastic and metal, which gives it a premium, sleek look. The metal inner body provides protection from harsh elements and rough handling, which in turn extends the product life.


  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent price point
  • Free lanyard
  • Highly rated


  • None

The Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Another military-inspired dog whistle, this time from Acme.

Very similar to Hiroumer with its fully metal housing design and key chain, there’s not much to tell these two dog whistles apart.

One big area Acme could improve on is the price, this whistle is nearly double the cost of the Hiroumer dog whistle, which is very surprising as they’re near identical in design and materials.

Rated strongly with 4 stars across the board, the Acme silent dog whistle seems to be doing something right, and the many happy customers can attest to that very fact.

Boasting of ultra-high adjustable frequencies, and advertized as being effective up to 2miles (3km) the Acme dog whistle is not too shabby at all.

Amongst the many dog whistles available, the Acme dog whistle will stand out above the majority of other dog whistles. With its fully metal design, added features and strong reputation you can’t go far wrong when opting to buy the Acme silent dog whistle.


  • Ultra - high tone
  • Effective upto 2 miles (3 km)
  • Metal construction
  • Well known brand


  • Price could be better
  • Dust cap can become stuck

Hiroumer Dog Whistle

Next, we have a really nice looking premium dog whistle from Hiroumer.

This military-grade looking dog whistle is made from pure copper throughout, with the added bonus of a stainless steel carry chain. Making it more durable, rust-resistant, while also prolonging the products life.

The lightweight design and length make this whistle perfect for either carrying by hand or using the provided keychain overhead.

Precision engineered with the ability to adjust frequencies between 5.4 kHz and 12.8 kHz, you can’t really complain about the quality of this dog whistle, especially starting at this price point.


  • Full metal construction
  • Longer product life
  • Stainless steel keychain
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • 1 - year warranty


  • Reports of frequency not being adequate enough
  • Unclear, distorted sound with some units

Forepets Professional Dog Whistle

Rated just above the 3-star mark and very competitively priced, the Forepets professional dog whistle is another option in the mid-tier dog whistle range.

Build wise the Forepets dog whistle is a mixture of metal and plastic. The whistles body is of a full metal construction, whereas the dust cap is made of thickened plastic. A free lanyard is also included, unfortunately, Forepets has opted for material rather than stainless steel keychain design.

As with most dog whistles, the Forepets professional dog whistle can be used for stop, fetch, sit, barking, plus many more.

At this price point and with above average build quality, the Forepets professional dog whistle offers many dog owners another viable whistle option.


  • New anti-loss features
  • Dual lock nut
  • Free lanyard
  • Free training guide included
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Great price


  • No way to set frequencies
  • Lanyard not the best material

Dog Whistles: A Little Bit Of History…

Dog whistles have been in use since their invention in 1876 by Francis Galton. Through various experiments, Galton realized that dogs have an upper hearing range of 45kHz. He talked about his findings in his book “Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development” which went into detail about humans, animals and the different frequency ranges they are able to hear.


Dogs whistles are becoming increasingly more popular as pet owners search for ways to train their dog, they can be found in most pet stores, as well as online through most big retailers.

Prices can vary among the many dog whistles available, generally starting anywhere from under the $10 range, to more than $40 for professional sheepdog whistles.

Types Of Dog Whistle

Dog whistles come in all shapes and sizes, as well as being made from a variety of different materials, plastic, and metal being the most common. Some often come with lanyards or chains, as well as other accessories.

As well as the above, some whistles have handy features that allow the user to adjust the frequency. This is always beneficial, as not all dogs will respond in the same way to the same frequency.

Electronic dog whistles are also readily available, these work by a means of producing ultrasonic sound from their integrated piezoelectric emitters.

Dog Whistle Uses

There are many ways a dog whistle can be used, short bursts, long bursts, repeated bursts as well as the different frequencies. They all produce varying results and can be used for every form of training, from barking prevention, stop, sit, fetch, too many more.


Most dog whistles sold today are made within a frequency range of between 23 – 54 kHz, this is above human range, which sits below 20 kHz and are considered to be very safe to use when training your dog.


There you have it, a round-up review of five of the best dog whistles currently available.

After taking everything into consideration and comparing the pros and cons of each whistle, Heel Boy Heels top pick would be the Renzchu dog whistle.

Consistently rated 5 stars with above average build quality, adjustable frequencies and starting from a very competitive price point, the Renzchu dog whistle would be an excellent addition to most dog owners training equipment.

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