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Best Retractable Dog Leash

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell

A walk should be a pleasant experience for both you and your dog.

The type of leash you use can determine how much your dog will enjoy his walk, and how much you’ll enjoy walking him.

The length of the lead should be chosen according to the size of your dog, so it’s not too restrictive but isn’t so long that your dog is in danger of running into the road.

Traditional rope leads can be very restricting and only allow your dog to walk the same pace as you.

The best retractable dog leash will give your dogs more freedom on the walk. Most retractable leashes work through the use of a button-operated wheel inside a plastic shell.

These are great, especially if your dog can’t be taken off his lead.

This type of lead enables your dog to run around and get plenty of exercise, while you still have some level of control over the lead.

This article will help you decide if a retractable dog leash is for you, and if so, which is the best one for your dog.

Our Reviews

Babyltrl Upgraded Retractable Dog Leash

When you’re purchasing this leash, you’re not just buying a piece of rope to walk your dog with. You get:

  • A free dog collar
  • A free collapsible water bowl
  • A free waste bag dispenser
  • Free plastic waste bags
  • The heavy-duty, tangle-free leash
  • Item manual

The company, Babyltrl, has taken customers’ advice and comments into consideration when making this leash, and have improved previous shortcomings.
The new, upgraded leash design is no longer easily bitten, and it doesn’t get stuck or knotted.
The company also clearly has your dog’s best interests at heart. Babyltrl donates a small percentage of profits to animal welfare organizations and animal shelters.

Although the leash is heavy-duty, it’s still best to keep it out of your dog’s mouth. Even the strongest rope can’t withstand a dog’s chewing, so bare that in mind when walking your furry friend.

The handle and case are super durable, made from ABS plastic. Inside the casing, there are internal embedded stainless steel Seiko bearings that prevent the leash from getting stuck.

If you walk your dogs at night time, this leash will keep you and your dog highly visible with its grey reflective strip.


  • Premium free gifts included
  • Tangle-free design
  • Small percentage of proceeds go to dog charities


  • Not too suited to biters

Peteast Retractable Dog Leash

This super sleek retractable dog leash by Peteast is completely tangle-free, so don’t worry if your dog runs around you in circles – your walk will be totally knot-free!

Your dog will have up to 16ft of freedom on his walk with this lead, and with one hand you can retract, stop and extend the leash to your desired length.

Unlike most others on the market, you don’t have to lock it each time – it locks automatically.

Peteast prides itself on quality and hand-select the perfect materials to ensure that every product they sell is perfect for your pooch.

The handle is anti-slip and will give you a sturdy, comfortable grip on any length walk. The solid ABS plastic casing on the handle is non-toxic and odorless and will survive sudden pulling from your dog.

The nylon tape is super durable, and the L design can support dogs up to 110lbs.

Perfect for early morning or night time walks, the tape is reflective, making your dog easier to spot in dark conditions.

You’ll be extra equipped on your walk with the free egg-shaped waste bag dispenser that can attach to the handle of the leash. The days of forgetting your poop-bags are no more!


  • Free waste bag dispenser (and bags)
  • Sleek design
  • Anti slip handle with super comfortable grip
  • Locks automatically


  • Not too suitable if your dog is a strong chewer

Flexi Giant Tape Leash

Your dog will have up to 26 feet of freedom with this giant tape leash by Flexi.

This leash is both stylish and comfortable. There is a choice of 5 colors when purchasing this leash, and it’s available in 2 sizes.

Contrary to other designs on the market, the leash comes out of the top of the handle instead of the front opposite your hand. This design ensures that your dog has a wide range of motion, and there’s not much chance of it tangling.

If your dog chases squirrels and rabbits, you can quickly rein in your dog with the press of a button.

The ultra-strong construction keeps you controlling even the most boisterous of boys, and is extra effective when used with a harness.

The leash is neon yellow and reflective, making you and your dog highly visible in all conditions.

Also included with your purchase is a safety collar and a pamphlet containing instructions and directions.


  • Safety collar included
  • Compatible with other Flexi accessories
  • Leash extends up to 26 feet


  • Dirt shows easily on leash

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash

Some leads are simple pieces of rope, but some are so much more. This neon-green retractable dog leash by Ruff ‘n Ruffus comes with a free bone-shaped waste dispenser bag and a free collapsible travel bowl. The bag dispenser conveniently attaches to the handle of the leash.

These are necessities for your dog’s walk and will make it a much more streamlined experience for you and your dog.

It’s not just the freebies that make this product appealing. The leash itself is super durable and supports dogs up to 110lbs.

Made of an extra-tough nylon ribbon with a chrome-plated snap hook reinforced at the joint, this leash will keep your dog safe and secure under your control.

With the click of a button, your canine friend will be free to roam up to 16ft. With the same button, you can retract the lead and lock it, ensuring your dog is fully in your control.

If your dog prefers a nighttime stroll, don’t worry about wearing high-vis. This leash is a bright, neon-green and has reflective tape for night visibility.

Your dog isn’t going to pull away and escape your grip thanks to the anti-slip handle. The handle is also super comfortable on your hands, and the retracting spring inside the handle will work in all weather conditions – from the ice-cold mornings to stifling summer afternoons.


  • Reflective tape and neon-green for high visibility
  • Free collapsible travel bowl and waste bag dispenser
  • Anti-slip handle


  • Freebies appear to be flimsy

TUG Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

This 360° tangle-free retractable dog leash by TUG is perfect for walks of any duration.

With the push of a thumb, your dog will have up to 16 feet of roaming freedom. Strategically placed at the top of the handle near where you’d rest your thumb, you can free, pause, lock and unlock the leash with one quick push.

TUG prides itself on the patented tangle-free design, meaning you can control your dog from literally any angle – perfect for those unpredictable wanderers!

Your hands will be fully supported with the super comfortable ergonomic anti-slip handle, which is great if you’re going on a long stroll. Whether you have tiny hands or huge hands, this handle will support you and give you the grip you need.

Inside the plastic casing is the heavy-duty internal coil, which allows consistent retraction while providing incredible strength against your dog’s pulls.

It’s built to last, made of quality materials to give you and your dog the best walking experience.


  • Patented 360 degrees tangle free design
  • Quick lock and unlock
  • Super stylish


  • No reflective coating for dark conditions

How to Choose the Best Retractable Dog Leash

Most dogs require a leash on walks, especially those that are still pups being trained. Firstly, you might want to consider if a retractable leash is right for you and your dog.

A retractable leash means you still have control over your dog while giving him the freedom to explore. You can pull your dog back and retract the leash with the click of a button, which is great if your dog loves chasing critters.

However, animal rights enthusiasts have expressed issues with this type of lead. Giving you control over how far your dog can roam can be a blessing and a curse. Some people will absent-mindedly loosen the cord near a road or near smaller dogs, and this can lead to disaster.

If you’re training your dog, it’s recommended to use a standard 4-6ft fabric or leather leash. Retractable leashes aren’t for first training your dog to walk on a lead.

Whenever you’re handling a dog using a retractable leash, you must be constantly mindful of yours and your dog’s surroundings.


When choosing the length of the cord, it’s important to consider where you’ll be walking your dog.


If you’re walking your dog in a high-density, urban area, then you won’t need much roaming-space. You’ll want to keep your dog close by, away from traffic and other pedestrians.

Most retractable leashes extend to up to 16ft, but you most likely won’t be using all of that in an urban environment.


Especially if you’re indoors, retractable leashes can be quite dangerous. For example, you’re in the vet’s office. The other dog owners have their dogs tightly restrained with a small rope leash, but you opted for a retractable one. If you accidentally click the release button, it would be mayhem.


If your dog isn’t trusted on his own, you may want to let him have a run using your retractable lead. Some leads can go up to 30ft, which will give your dog the freedom he needs to tire himself out.

Although the countryside or rural areas are great places to use this lead, you must be mindful of your surroundings.
At a distance, the leash line can be almost impossible to see. This can cause problems for passers-by, joggers, and even other dogs.


If you prefer walking your dog in the evenings, or in the early mornings, then you’ll want to opt for a high-vis covering.

You want to be noticed in the dark, especially in urban environments. The last thing you want when taking your dog out for a leisurely stroll is to get hit by a car.

The leash itself should be visible. If you’re taking your dog for walks along a hiking trail, for example, it’s unlikely that hikers and joggers would be able to see the leash – they could easily trip over it and get injured.

A thicker leash will ensure that it’s more visible, and brighter colors help too. Neon green or neon yellow reflective covering is the best for high visibility


The handle should be comfortable, yet sturdy.
You may choose durability over comfort if you’re not taking your dog on a long walk, but for those longer walks, you may opt for a super soft comfortable handle.

The best retractable dog leash will have a non-slip handle, so you don’t lose hold of the leash. This can be catastrophic, especially in more urban areas.

The plastic casing around the handle should be non-toxic – you don’t want anything that could cause harm to your or your furry friend.


Your retractable dog leash may come with a free gift. The free gifts are always super convenient, and are usually:

  • Dog collar
  • Doggy bags
  • Doggy bag dispensers
  • Collapsible travel bowl

All of these are great accessories, and most can clip onto the handle of the leash. These combined will ensure your dog has a smooth and stress-free walk.

Dog Size/ Weight

Every leash will come with a weight limit. If your dog exceeds this, chances are he will be able to break free.

You must check the measurements and the recommended dog size and weight before purchasing your dog leash. For larger dogs, the weight limit is usually 110lbs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and to make sure your dog can’t break free from the leash, or snap it.


All of these products are great for walking your dog, but our favorite has to be the Peteast Retractable Dog Leash.

We believe it’s one of the best retractable dog leashes out there for many reasons – for example, all 16ft of the reflective nylon tape is super strong and durable. The Peteast stylish reflective seams ensure that you stand out in the dark, and is essential to the safety of both you and your pooch.

The handle on this leash is made of premium material, and is anti-slip, meaning you won’t be accidentally letting go of the leash. The exterior is super comfortable while giving you good grip, so however long your walk is, your hand won’t get sore from holding an uncomfortable handle.

This product also comes with a free portable bag dispenser with bags included, and it’s a tidy little egg shape that conveniently clips onto the handle.
This is an above-average product for a below-average price, and will ensure your dog has a safe and happy walk.

What are your thoughts on retractable dog leashes? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to give us a share.

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