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Best Wireless Dog Fence

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell

We all know dogs need boundaries, but sometimes conventional boundaries just don’t work. So what better way to keep your dog from straying than to use the very best wireless dog fence?

Let’s be honest, only the best will do for your beloved family dog, and below we’ve reviewed some of the best wireless dog fences available, so keep on reading to find out who came top!

Our Reviews

JustStart Wireless Dog Fence

Next up is the JustStart wireless dog fence, starting at a great point this highly rated (4 stars respectively) dog fence proves that quality can be attained at an affordable price.

It may not have as many features as other wireless dog fences in our list, but it packs more than enough to be included.

The JustStart dog fence offers an adjustable radial boundary with a minimum set-up of 10ft to a maximum of 1,000ft. Rechargeable long-lasting batteries are included, as well as being rated IPX7 for waterproofness, meaning you need not worry if your dog feels like playing in the wettest of conditions.

With the ability to add unlimited dogs (extra collars available to buy) and its anti-over shock feature as well as 2 universal adapters included. The Juststart wireless dog fence really is a bargain at this price.


  • Adjustable boundary sizes from 10ft to 1000ft
  • Anti-over shocking
  • Water resistant rated IPX7
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Extra dogs can be added
  • Competitively priced


  • Collar can sometimes twist

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Dog Fence for Stubborn Dogs

Petsafe is one of the more well-known brands in the pet market with hundreds of dog owners rating this wireless dog fence 4 plus stars across the board.

This model can be bought as a kit or a stand-alone collar, so straight off the bat, it gives the buyer more options than most of its competitors.

In terms of price, with Petsafe being one of the more well-known brands it’s obviously on the more expensive side. So be sure to do your research, as it may well be possible to find a wireless dog fence with similar features without the higher price tag.

Range wise, the Petsafe wireless dog fence can be set from as little as 22ft all the way up to 105ft in all directions in a radial perimeter, or 210ft across (¾ acres) approximately.

One of Petsafe’s strongest features is how fast this wireless dog fence can be set up, 1-2 hours being the average time from start to finish. This makes it ideal for those weekend camping or fishing trips.

As well as the above, one thing that sets the Petsafe wireless dog fence apart from its competitors is their static-free re-entry, if your dog ever returns from wandering outside the perimeter, upon re-entry no shock will be administered which is a great little feature.

Waterproof with long-lasting batteries (up to 3 weeks on average) means the Petsafe wireless dog fence would be a valuable addition to any dog owners looking for new ways to stop their beloved family pets from straying.


  • Adjustable boundary size
  • Static-free re-entry
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof collar
  • 5 levels of static to choose from
  • Sound only training mode
  • Test light tool
  • 50 training flags included
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Easy portable set-up in 1-2 hours


  • Some faulty units reported
  • Not as effective on some breeds

WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence

Here we have another highly rated device in the WIEZ wireless dog fence, with an abundance of impressive features and consistently rated 4 stars and above. The WIEZ is off to a flying start!

First in its arsenal of features is the 2-in-1 Dog Fence Wireless System. WIEZ boasts of being the first to adopt this system. In layman’s terms, all this really means is that the 2.4G frequency technology should provide a more stable and accurate signal transmission, while at the same time it can also be used as a dog trainer.

The dog training mode has three functions, sound, vibration and static warning. Each of these features has 1-6 action duration adjustment as well as a linear control range of 984ft.

Range wise, in terms of the wireless boundary fence, the control diameter can be set from 98ft all the way up to 1,968ft. So, no matter the terrain, as long as the fence is set outside, if your dog decides to go for a little wander out of range, a sound will signal from the receiver, followed shortly after by a very mild 3.7V electrostatic shock, hopefully that should be enough to tell your dog it should retreat back inside the fence perimeter.

One of the strongest features of the WIEZ wireless dog fence is its build quality, WIEZ has really thought about this, especially in terms of the dog collar. Made from ECO-friendly TPU material that should safely dissolve after 5 years, we can’t praise WIEZ enough.

Waterproofness is another strong point, with the WIEZ collar boasting of being IP65 dust-proof as well as IPX7 waterproof which means this collar can be used safely in most wet environments and rainy conditions.

Additional features of the WIEZ wireless dog fence come in the form of built-in rechargeable batteries, with the receiver charging in 2-3 hours and the transmitter charging in around 4-5 hours. When the power is low, the indicator light will flash to remind you the battery needs charging, if the collar does not work or is extremely low, it will automatically enter standby mode which can be maintained for up to 6 months and will only awaken when it senses movement either by the dog, or the owners touch.

All in all, the WIEZ wireless dog fence is another excellent option in the wireless dog fence market.


  • Collar made from ECO friendly TPU material
  • Large boundary size
  • Dust proof rated IP65
  • Waterproof rating IPX7
  • Fast charging times
  • 2-1 boundary & training system
  • Good price


  • Short product lifespan with some units
  • Poor instructions
  • Some faulty units reported

Okpet Wireless Dog Fence

First on our list is the Okpet wireless dog fence. Consistently rated 5 stars across the board by its many users, and priced very competitively, the Okpet works on all breeds of dogs whether small or big.

The Okpet is ideal for any pet owners requiring a radial boundary, rather than the more traditional square or rectangle boundary often seen among these devices. It comes with an impressive rechargeable battery, that has low battery alert integrated, as well as two universal power adapters.

One of the stronger features of the Okpet wireless dog fence is its adjustability. Range wise, the radial boundary can be set from as little as 10ft to as much as 1,000ft!

Another admirable design feature of the Okpet is its anti-over shock. Many owners familiar with wireless dog fences will have no doubt come across the problem whereby their dog is shocked when the device’s transmitter shuts off, due to either low power or just general failure. It’s not a nice experience, and knowing your dog has received an unjust shock no matter how safe the device is, isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. With the Okpet anti-over shock feature, that worry is no longer a concern.

If water resistance is high on your list of requirements, then look no further than the Okpet wireless dog fence. The collar receiver on this model is rated an impressive IPX7, meaning the collar is perfectly safe to use in wet puddles, under sprinklers and even rain.

As well as the above, the Okpet wireless dog fence allows the owner to add unlimited pets to the device, extra collars are readily available to buy, so it’s just a matter of popping the collar over your new family pet and connecting the receiver to the device.


  • Adjustable radial boundary
  • Rated IPX7 water resistant
  • Anti-over shock feature
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Extra dogs can be added
  • Pet lost alarm
  • Great price


  • Short product life with some units
  • Intermittent or no signal with some units reported

BlingBling Wireless Dog Fence

If you’re on a tight budget, then another affordable wireless dog fence is this offering from BlingBling. This invisible and easy to set-up dog fence is the most affordable on our list. But by no means let that put you off!

The BlingBling wireless dog fence is consistently rated 4 plus stars across the board and is more than ideal for those dog owners that require a no-frills wireless dog fence, that does exactly what it says on the tin, without the higher price tag.

With a radius of up to 300 meters, as well as long-lasting rechargeable batteries, a waterproof rating of IP67 and an adjustable collar size for dogs weighing 10lbs and up, the BlingBling wireless dog fence should be more than adequate for most owners requirements.


  • Ideal for pups & younger dogs
  • Water resistant
  • Great price
  • Adjustable boundary settings with 5 levels
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • No anti-shock feature
  • No pre-set memory
  • No shock adjustment

A Little Back Story…

You may think of wireless dog fences (electronic pet containment systems) as a relatively new invention, to be honest, most people would, even most pet owners. It’s generally only when nothing else seems to work, or the terrain around your property isn’t ideal for traditional fencing that wireless dog/pet fencing would even enter most people’s minds. But in actual fact, they’ve been around for many years now, 1973 to be more precise when a man by the name of Richard Peck patented the idea.

Since their invention, wireless dog fences have grown in popularity, they’re seen as a more affordable, safe option compared to the more labor-intensive alternatives.

How Do Wireless Dog Fences Work?

In basic terms, a wireless dog fence (electronic pet containment system) works by keeping your family pet within a set boundary. It manages to do this by means of the transmitter/central unit and the pet’s collar which acts as a receiver. Whenever the set boundary is crossed, the central unit will send a signal to the collar. Usually, a warning noise will sound, if this is ignored by the pet, a short and very mild electrostatic shock will be given by means of the collar.

Types Of Wireless Dog Fencing:

There are generally two types of wireless dog/pet fencing:

  • Overground
  • Underground

Both types work under the same basic principle and will produce an invisible boundary.

Overground Wireless Dog Fence

What’s in the Box?

  • Collar
  • Receiver
  • Collar contacts
  • Transmitter/control unit
  • Universal power adapter
  • Training flags
  • Wall mount fixtures

(Above is a general list, some models may vary)

Ease of use

Overground wireless dog fences are much easier to set up compared to the underground version. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits:

  • No need to dig trenches
  • No setting up of wire
  • Easy to understand & set up (ideal for those trips away with your family pet)
  • Pack away at short notice
  • Most models only allow the fence to be set up in a radial perimeter
  • Longevity & product life
  • Reliability & accuracy can be hit & miss
  • Cheaper materials sometimes used
  • Price

Compared to the underground version, prices for most overground wireless dog fences are very reasonable. This, combined with ease of use and set up, make the overground wireless dog fences a more attractive option.

The better models can be found around the $100 dollar range upwards, although if you’re lucky and do your research, sometimes you can find yourself a bargain.

Underground Wireless Dog Fence

What’s in the Box?

  • Collar
  • Collar Contacts
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter/Control unit
  • Heavy-duty boundary copper wire
  • Heavy-duty gauge copper wire
  • Training/marker flags
  • Ground Staples
  • Wire splices

(Above is a general list, some models may vary)

Ease of use

Although still quite easy to understand and set up, the underground wireless dog fence is a little more labor-intensive compared to the overground version. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Most models allow the user to set up a perimeter of their choosing (radial, square, rectangle, etc)
  • Thought to be more reliable & accurate
  • Better build quality
  • No portability
  • More labor-intensive (digging of trenches, setting up wire, etc)
  • Set up time will be longer
  • Expensive
  • Price

Most underground wireless dog fences are more expensive than their counterparts. This is to be expected, as the more materials that are required, the more expensive the product will be. The same can be said for reliability, product life, and accuracy. This is without also taking the brand into consideration.

Price-wise, for a quality, top-rated underground wireless dog fence you would be looking to spend somewhere in the region of $300. So the jump in price compared to the overground version is noticeable straight away. You can find similar models much cheaper, but for a reliable brand name, you would need to be spending over $200 at least.

Best Wireless Dog Fences: Considerations

Type of wireless dog fence

Probably the most important consideration is the type of dog fence you’re after? Will it be an underground or overground?

If underground, are you physically able enough to undertake the digging that will be involved? Is your property more suited to a smaller or bigger boundary? If bigger, then maybe an underground wireless dog fence is more suited to your needs.

What about overground? Is ease of setup and portability important to you? If so, the overground wireless dog fence might be for you.

Both underground and overground wireless dog fences have their positives and negatives, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your situation.

Size of Boundary & Terrain

Boundary size is also of high importance, not everyone’s garden or chosen area is the same. As well as size, some overground models only allow a radial shaped boundary. So, if being able to set and adjust your own perimeter is of high importance to you, then an underground wireless dog fence is probably the way to go.

If your chosen boundary area is uneven, hilly or rocky, then an overground fence is probably your best bet. You’ll only be able to achieve a radial boundary, but with overground wireless fences being so portable, you can set up wherever you please.

Affordability, Features & Accessories

Budget is always an important factor, and like most consumers, you’ll no doubt be looking for a well made, reliable, but most importantly, affordable wireless dog fence:

Multiple options are available:

  • Underground
  • Overground
  • Stand-alone collar & receiver
  • Full wireless dog fence kit

Different brands and models will come with varying features. Boundary shape, size, anti-over shocking, waterproofness, rechargeable batteries, to name just a few.

As well as the above, most models come with the ability to add extra collars. If you’re looking to make a boundary for more than one family pet, you’ll need to take all these extra costs into consideration.


After much consideration and taking everything into account, our top pick for the best wireless dog fence is: PetSafe stay & play wireless dog fence for stubborn dogs.

Yes, it’s more expensive than most, but the quality build and features really shone through for us.

As well as the above, PetSafes strong reliable brand assures the buyer that if any faults do appear, they’ll be resolved quickly and efficiently.

PetSafe did have strong competition from the WIEZ wireless dog fence. Both had excellent features, as well as being highly rated by consumers, but in the end, the PetSafe wireless dog fence won through.

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