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Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 GPS Bundle Dog Tracker

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell
Product Features
  • 9-Mile GPS Range
  • 8 Different training levels
  • TOPO US 100K maps


Today we'll be reviewing the Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 GPS Bundle Dog Tracker.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Long range GPS tracking
  • Has tone and vibration alerts
  • Can track multiple dogs at once


  • Hefty price tag

Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 GPS Bundle Dog Tracker Product Review

The Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 GPS bundle is designed specifically for tracking sporting dogs, and knowing their whereabouts even when they are out of sight and many miles away from their owners.

And, if it is range you are after, then you’ve found the right GPS dog collars because the Garmin Alpha 100/TT has a whopping and pretty significant 9-mile range coverage, allowing you always know your dog’s location when you and your pooch are out and about.

This is an excellent tool for hunting with others, as it allows you to track multiple dogs at once, with up to 20 dogs being tracked if there was such a need.

The Garmin Alpha 100/TT also comes equipped with an advanced training system that combines Garmin GPS with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology allowing you to train your dogs to work at long distances.

The device comes complete with 18 different training levels as well as vibration and tone alerts, a top-notch system that certainly makes it easier to train and correct your dogs behavior while out in the field working.

The Alpha 100 TT comes preloaded with TOPO US 100k maps and regularly updates its positions every 2.5 seconds ensuring a smooth flow of data and tracking, so you will always be aware of your surroundings and dog’s location.

The Alpha 100 TT 15 can withstand pressures of up to 10m and comes with a rechargeable battery allowing for ease of use.

Users must be aware that the TT15 is only compatible with the Garmin Alpha 100 and the Astro 320.

All in all another great contender vying for the number 1 spot as the best GPS dog collar.

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