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Garmin Sport PRO Bundle Dog Training Collar

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell


Today we'll be reviewing the Garmin Sport PRO Bundle Dog Training Collar.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Well-known brand assures quality
  • Quick turn dial operation
  • 10 stimulation levels
  • Tone & vibration training modes
  • LED beacon lights
  • Long & short contact points
  • Built in bark setter
  • ¾ mile radius


  • Short product life reported with some devices
  • Water resistant, not waterproof
  • Intermittent shocking can occur with some faulty devices

Garmin Sport PRO Bundle Dog Training Collar Product Review

Who hasn’t heard of Garmen when it comes to all things tech? Not many, I’d imagine.

With a brand as well-known as Garmen, you know you’re in relatively safe hands, and in the Garmin Sport PRO dog training collar, you have a collar that’s well built, consistently rated 4 plus stars across the board, with many satisfied customers.

Just like the Dogtra before it, the Garmin is on the more expensive side. It can often be found around the $200-$300 range from most big retailers.

The features of the Garmin dog training collar are quite impressive for the price, but for my money, I would personally always opt for the Dogtra. But again, this is a personal preference. What may be ideal for one dog breed, or owner, isn’t always the best for the next.

Some of the features that come with the Garmin sport Pro dog training collar are: 10 stimulation levels, quick dial turn function, simple one-hand operation, 4 training buttons with 2 training modes (tone and vibration respectively) Trackable LED beacon lights for those night time walks.

As well as the above, interference is also kept to a minimum, with the Garmin operating on 27MHz frequency range.

All in all, the Garmin Sport PRO Bundle Dog Training collar is another excellent choice amongst the many dog training collars already available.

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