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Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell
Product Features
  • Vet recommended
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Grain free options


Today we'll be reviewing the Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Vet recommended and VOHC accepted(Veterinary Oral Health Council)
  • Multiple flavours to chose from
  • Low price tag


  • A small numbers of customers said their dogs did not do well on these treats

Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats Product Review

Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats have a unique texture that is designed to help fight plaque and tartar build-up and help provide your dog with fresh breath.

The unique texture also helps maintain your dog’s gum health by massaging the gums and removing food and bacteria that may cause tooth decay or infection.

The treats are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and are highly soluble, so your dog should be able to digest them easily.

Greenies Original Natural Dental Dog Chews come with a wide selection of choices that allow you to cater to your dog’s age and size and health requirements, great news for those who like to have a strict feeding regime.

They also produce weight management and grain-free options to allow you to be hyper selective when it comes to your dog’s dental health.

The original flavor of Greenies Orginal Natural Dog Dental Treats is liver but there are other flavors you can choose from such as blueberries, for example.

Boxes quantity ranges from 4 treats per box up to 34 treats per box. Greenies Original Dog Dental Chews are also vet recommended and VOHC accepted(Veterinary Oral Health Council). Greenies Dog Dental Chews are to be given to your dog once a day.

An overall great dental health tool to utilize for your dog and a top contender for one of the best dog dental chews.

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