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Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell


Today we'll be reviewing the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Withstands chewing
  • Choice between 3” and 4”
  • Great for slowing down meal times


  • Smaller dogs may get bottom jaw stuck
  • Not every dog is going to be interested in it

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Product Review

This mentally stimulating toy is perfect if you’re looking to increase your dog’s intelligence.

Your furry friend has to roll the spherical toy around so the treats fall out. You can adjust the difficulty by using the balls adjustable interior disk.

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is a great alternative to boring food bowls and helps promote a healthier lifestyle for your dog. The ball essentially rewards your dog for being active and rolling the ball around.

Just add your dog’s favorite treats or kibble into the ball, only allowing them to eat what is dispensed when they roll the ball. Just bare in mind that the trets need to be small enough to be easily dispensed from the toy.

This hard plastic toy is super easy to clean and can disassemble at your convenience. Simply rinse the item in warm soapy water and dry it before using it again.

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