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Best Dog Frisbee

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell

Playing fetch offers you and your dog the perfect opportunity to enjoy some one-on-one time.

After all, the only thing that your dog loves more than their favorite frisbee is spending time with you.

Frisbees are great fun because they’re enjoyable to throw and dogs love sprinting and jumping after them.  All of the running and leaping will keep your dog physically fit and mentally alert.

Playing frisbee with your dog has some exceptional health benefits.

As dogs age, their coordination and muscle tone starts to diminish. Regularly playing catch helps to maintain their muscle composition and hone their reflexes and resistance.

Incorporate fetch into your walks, and you’ll also notice a significant improvement in your pal’s agility and speed.

Frisbees are the perfect shape for dogs to bite as they fly overhead. The adrenalin rush from their high success rate will encourage them to keep going.

Finding the best dog frisbee depends on the habits of your companion.

If your dog is a chewer, you’ll need an indestructible dog frisbee. If your dog doesn’t chew, a soft dog frisbee will suffice.

This article contains my top 5 dog frisbee picks including a review and their pros and cons.

Haven’t trained your dog to play catch yet? I’ll include a guide on how to teach your dog to catch a frisbee.

Our Reviews

Aerobie Dogobie Disc

The Aerobie Dogobie Disc has an aerodynamic easy-to-grip design for accurate catching and throwing.

This disc is constructed from a soft material that is gentle on a dog’s mouth and teeth. The Dogobie Disc is also tear and puncture-resistant, which is perfect for exercising and building a stronger bond with your pet.

The Aerobie Dogobie Disc is not a competition disc and doesn’t pretend to be; the rubber is soft compared to the hard plastic of competition frisbees.

This frisbee is soft and pliable enough that it won’t hurt people or pets if they accidentally get hit by it, but it’s also sturdy enough to fly far.

The unusual rim design is perfect for your dog to catch in the air or to pick up off the ground. The Dogobie Disc is also excellent for games of tug-of-war due to its good grip and flexibility for twisting and yanking.

The Dogobie Disc comes in bright colors for high-visibility and is suitable for use on land and in water.

This dog frisbee is incredibly durable and soars like a flying saucer.


  • Soft and pliable material
  • Suitable for use on land and in water
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Great for tug-of-war


  • Not suitable for powerful chewers

Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc

The Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc is an excellent puncture-resistant competition frisbee. The Jawz disc successfully stands up to gnashing canine teeth and weighs in at a beefy 145 grams.

The Jawz disc composition is a cross between a hard, plastic disc and a floppy, rubbery disc. Additionally, the compound materials give it just enough flex and forgiveness for hard bite catches. The flex and forgiveness provide extra protection to prevent the disc from shattering.

The nice, waxy feel prevents dirt and mud from sticking to the disc, and it wipes cleanable. Don’t panic; the initial slippery feeling is slightly overpowering; however, this soon fades.

If the frisbee is too light, you lose control quickly, and if the edge is too thick, it’s too sensitive to control in a breeze.

The Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc has a progressive thickness and a thin edge which helps control breeze when tossed lightly. Also, the frisbee remains leveled towards the end of the flight, which is a key factor in a decent dog disc.

Overall, I highly recommend this competition frisbee for exceptional flight control, its decent weight, and nice texture.


  • Capable of record-setting distance throws
  • Durable against hard-bite catches
  • Progressive thickness and thin edge helps control breeze
  • Excellent flight control
  • Suitable for competition use
  • Chew proof


  • Too tough for dogs that are used to softer fabric discs

KONG Flyer

The KONG Flyer is durable and provides a softer, safer catch during fetching. Also, the Flyer is made from Kong’s classic rubber, which is safe and reliable while helping to clean teeth and soothe gums.

This disc is available in small and large sizes, and it’s an excellent choice for safe catches and fun exercise sessions.

This flyer is perfect for dogs with a powerful chew that love a round of tug-of-war. Don’t be put off by first impressions! The flop and bendiness are teamed with extreme durability and fantastic flight.

The KONG Flyer is floppy and bendy enough for beginner frisbee catchers. Additionally, this disc is more comfortable for dogs to pick up because it’s less rigid than a traditional frisbee.

This is a fantastic choice if you have an active dog with a mighty chew. After several plays, it remains in great shape, and it will encourage your dog to run like a racehorse. I highly recommend the KONG flyer if you need a toy that makes your dog run like the wind to burn energy.


  • Durable outer ring
  • Made from KONG's non-toxic natural rubber
  • Perfect for tug-of-war
  • Excellent for games of fetch


  • Not suitable for dogs over 85 pounds

Chuckit Paraflight Flyer

The Chuckit Paraflight Flyer’s aerodynamic shape is ideal for high-flying games of fetch and long-distance flight. The lightweight, buoyant material allows for engaging playtime on land and water.

The durable design is fantastic for long-lasting, outdoor tug-of-war, and fetch sessions. This frisbee features a durable, multilayer nylon construction that’s bright and easy-to-spot in tall grass.

The Chuckit is perfect for stronger winds because the disk is heavy and doesn’t over inflate. The waterproof coating prevents the frisbee from being soaked in drool for a more enjoyable handling experience.

Chuckit’s Paraflight Flyer is designed for flight and soars through the air, descending gradually for exciting games of fetch in different terrains and climates.

Additionally, there’s a glow version available for fetch after dark — the Max Glow Paraflight frisbee charges under a bright light for illuminated play.

This frisbee has raised sides and a smooth rubber edge that’s easy to pick up and comfortable on your pet’s mouth.

I would recommend this frisbee to dog owners that are looking for a soft, durable toy that’s easy to wash and dry.


  • Suitable for use on land and in water
  • Waterproof coating
  • High-visibility colors
  • Durable design
  • Versatile and buoyant


  • Not suitable for heavy chewers

The Original Flippy Flopper Hyper Pet Frisbee

The Original Flippy Flopper Hyper Pet Frisby is a fantastic no-frills option that provides hours of fun for every dog.

This flying disc features a durable, multilayer nylon that’s the perfect solution for fitness, exercise, and training. The Flippy Flopper’s buoyant design floats in the water for interactive play at the beach, lake, or pool.

The bright colors on the Flippy Flopper are identifiable and make it easy to spot in the bushes, leaves, and trees. Also, it’s 9-inch diameter makes it easy to transport by simply sliding it inside your backpack, beach bag, or picnic basket for endless outdoor fun.

These don’t weigh as much as rubber disks; therefore, they don’t fly as far. However, they hover in the air for a long time before coming down, giving your dog a better chance of grabbing them out of the air.

The fabric is durable and doesn’t puncture easily. Also, the rubberized ring that shapes the toy is strong and doesn’t get unseated from the inevitable destructive dog celebration.


  • Buoyant design for fun at lakes, beaches and pools
  • Great for fitness, exercise and training
  • High visibility
  • Doesn't puncture easily


  • Not suitable to be used as chew toys

How to Teach Your Dog to Catch a Frisbee

Some dogs are naturals at playing frisbee; however, others appear hesitant and require frisbee dog training.

  1. Begin by introducing the new dog frisbee. Some dogs will be immediately interested, but if yours show little enthusiasm, try utilizing an incentive.
  2. Associate your frisbee with a reward by handing out a treat for touching it. Alternatively, you could spread some peanut butter around the edges.
  3. Over the next following days, use the frisbee to play a game of tug-of-war to intensify your dog’s desire to own the disc.
  4. Now it’s time to introduce the Give command. Give your dog the disc while holding a treat and say ‘give.’ Then, take the disc and reward with a treat. Repeat this step, but if your dog refuses to give the disc up, don’t reward with a treat and disengage with the game.
  5. Once your dog has mastered this step, it’s time to start tossing the disc.
  6. Go outdoors and ask your dog to sit. Throw the disc from a close distance and praise him for catching it.
  7. Next, beckon your dog towards you and hand them a treat once they’ve returned the frisbee.
  8. Lastly, it’s time to start increasing the distance you throw. Keep increasing the distance once your dog displays capability to catch.

Hard or Soft Dog Frisbee?

Before you make your purchases, it’s essential to determine what characteristics and properties you require.

Hard Dog Frisbees

Hard discs are suitable for competition because they’re durable, rigid and possess phenomenal flight distances. They glide through the air with ease and are preferred by competitive disc flyers. Hard frisbees are perfect for tough chewers due to their durable exterior.

It’s important to note that the robust construction is not suitable for usage as a chew toy. Also, hard frisbees may be unsuitable for beginners due to the force and momentum they collect while soaring through the air. This could put you or your dog at risk of injury.

Soft Dog Frisbees

Soft frisbees are friendly on your dog’s mouth and are perfect for beginner frisbee players.

However, soft frisbee discs do not soar and glide as well as hard frisbees. But, some soft rubber frisbees are also suitable to be used as chew toys which are great for your dog’s dental health.

Soft dog frisbees are unsuitable for competitions.

How to Find the Best Dog Frisbee

How hard can it be to pick a frisbee?

Before choosing the right dog frisbee for you, here are a few factors for your consideration.


You must make sure the frisbee your purchase is suitable for use by dogs. Some frisbees that are designed for humans contain properties that are toxic to dogs and don’t meet the safety standard for dog’s mouths. 


You need a disc that floats on top of water if you’re playing frisbee at the beach or lake. Your disc must have buoyancy otherwise you’re going to wasting money on weighted frisbees that sink.


If you’re new to playing frisbee with your canine companion, it’s an excellent idea to purchase a brightly colored, glow-in-the-dark frisbee.

A brightly colored frisbee is easy-to-find when your throws are off or when your darling dog misplaces it loses it in the shrubbery and decides to leave it there.


It’s worth taking your time to consider your dog’s tendencies and whether they’re likely to use their new frisbee as a chew toy.

Fabric and rubber frisbees are great, durable options if your dog likes to chew on their toys. You may also want to consider training your dog not to vent their frustrations on their toys.

Easy to Clean

Keeping your dog’s frisbee free from bacteria is crucial. Parasites and their larvae are commonly picked up from the soil and end up in your dog’s mouth.

This is avoided by purchasing a dog frisbee that wipes cleanable. Ultimately, you want to protect your dog from illness and protect yourself from sky-high vet bills.

Safe for Puppies

Poorly manufactured dog discs can splinter when chewed, which is incredibly dangerous for puppies.

Puppies explore the world with their mouths; therefore, breakaway pieces are an exceptionally dangerous choking hazard.  If you’re shopping for a puppy, make sure your frisbee is baby proof to avoid any accidental breakages causing harm to your little nibbler.

Dog Frisbee Safety Tips

  • Make sure that you’re playing fetch in an area that’s not in dangerously close proximity to other dogs, people or children.
  • Stay in an area that has a wide-open space and is away from passing cars
  • Never leave your dog alone with the frisbee, accidents happen regardless of how durable the manufacturer says the disc is.
  • Carry plenty of water for you and your exhausted dog after endless running and jumping.
  • If it’s a hot day, keep your playtime relatively short to avoid heat exhaustion.

Best Dog Breeds for Frisbee

  • English Whippet
  • Border Collie
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Golden Retriever
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Australian Shephard
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Weimaraner
  • American Pit Bull Terrier


Finally, it’s time to share the winner from my selection.

I’ve chosen the reliable, Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc as the best dog frisbee from my list.

Earlier I emphasized some essential qualities that your dog frisbee should possess.

Firstly, the Hyperflite Jawz Disc has enough flex and forgiveness to stop the disc from shattering. This is important because it prevents small pieces from being separated, eliminating the risk of choking.

Secondly, the Jawz disc is the perfect combination of a hard, plastic, and a floppy, rubbery disc. The combination of textures and materials make it safe and friendly for a variety of breeds.

Additionally, the waxy finish prevents dirt and mud from sticking to the disc. Therefore, less bacteria can harvest on the frisbee, which is essential for the long-term health of your dog.

The compound materials provide forgiveness for hard bite catches, perfect for larger breeds.

Although it’s not essential, the Jawz disc is suitable for competition entry.

The Aerobie Dogobie Disc is another great pick, however, it’s not as good as the Jawz for a few reasons.

The first reason is that the Jawz has a progressive thickness and thin edge which helps to control the breeze when tossed. The edge also helps the frisbee remain level towards the end of its flight.

The Aerobie has a rim design that’s great for tug-of-war, but, it doesn’t contribute to the flight control of the frisbee.

Also, the Aerobie’s rubber material is soft which is perfect for beginners. However, the rubber and plastic compound on the Jawz give it the extra edge on the competition.

I’ve told you everything you need to know about the best dog frisbees in 2019. I believe that after reading this article, you’re equipped with the right knowledge to make the safest choice for your dog!

I want to hear from you!

Which frisbee have you chosen? Did it fit the bill?

Don’t forget to share and comment below!

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