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Babyltrl Upgraded Retractable Dog Leash

Jack Campbell
Product Review by Jack Campbell


Today we'll be reviewing the Babyltrl Upgraded Retractable Dog Leash.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Premium free gifts included
  • Tangle-free design
  • Small percentage of proceeds go to dog charities


  • Not too suited to biters

Babyltrl Upgraded Retractable Dog Leash Product Review

When you’re purchasing this leash, you’re not just buying a piece of rope to walk your dog with. You get:

  • A free dog collar
  • A free collapsible water bowl
  • A free waste bag dispenser
  • Free plastic waste bags
  • The heavy-duty, tangle-free leash
  • Item manual

The company, Babyltrl, has taken customers’ advice and comments into consideration when making this leash, and have improved previous shortcomings.
The new, upgraded leash design is no longer easily bitten, and it doesn’t get stuck or knotted.
The company also clearly has your dog’s best interests at heart. Babyltrl donates a small percentage of profits to animal welfare organizations and animal shelters.

Although the leash is heavy-duty, it’s still best to keep it out of your dog’s mouth. Even the strongest rope can’t withstand a dog’s chewing, so bare that in mind when walking your furry friend.

The handle and case are super durable, made from ABS plastic. Inside the casing, there are internal embedded stainless steel Seiko bearings that prevent the leash from getting stuck.

If you walk your dogs at night time, this leash will keep you and your dog highly visible with its grey reflective strip.

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